Sunday, March 18, 2007

coffee magic

yeah. it's 8:38pm,and I'm drinking coffee. dumb dumb dumb.... but what else is new?

a lonnnng time ago, when I was hitting the sauce regularly, coffee had a way of eveloping me in its warmth and making me feel sleepy. I didn't question WHY a large coffee with about a pound of sugar in it would mke me feel tired, cause I've been known to get jittery from nyquil and pass out while popping dayquil. I just chalked it up to the Polish blood in me, and figured things just ad an opposte effect on my system.

however... since the first child was cut out of me.. coffee does to me what it's supposed to... and that's help me survive. I mean stay awake.

(note to self... I'm currently not feeling very awake after downing this big ole mug of Joe... but then again.. I'm watching the Grease auditions on NBC... that could have something to do with my lack-of-alertness??)


hmmm... it is now 9:06pm. the Moose is finally quiet. or not. rats.

and people wonder why I never bog anymore.


Christi said...

How do you bog?

I drink coffee in the morning to wake me up, and at night to put me to sleep. Someone told me once that they read an article somewhere or something that if you have ADD/ADHD, coffee and caffeine actually have the opposite effect on you. Hmmmm, well, that explains a lot for me!

Jenni said...

carrie---i 2nd the Grease auditions...not the show I expected, but at least the final 4 are some of my favorites. I love Laura.

suser said...

I don't know about you but the smell of a crappy diaper has the same effect on me as caffeine - wakes my ass right up. But it's just not as pleasant and my mocha, kwim?

greekchickie said...

LOL ~ my friend John has the same opposite effect when he takes meds. He doesn't take anything, just because he's a guy & he's not supposed to be weak & have to take meds (WHATEVER!) but when he does break down & take something, it's always the opposite of what it's supposed to do to him.