Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shooting at God

Last night in my CCD class, we were reviewing the 10 commandments with my second grade class. At first I thought I'd be sweating through the questions regarding adultery and coveting neighbors' wives and goods etc... but the big one they fixed on last night was killing. They all understood that it's wrong to kill someone, but then the questions and "what if" scenarios began. What if you're being attacked and someone is hurting you and you try to protect yourself and they die? What if you're starting a race and your gun shoots somebody? Are all soldiers going to the bad place???

wow. the first two examples were pretty easy.. after all, accidents happen and they use blanks to start races..... no... not corks... they're just blank bullets that make noise but have no projectile. No... when you hold the gun up in the air to start the race, it's not a sin. What? no... God doesn't think you're shooting at Him.. it's a race. it's ok.

But the war talk started. I can honestly say I wasn't prepared to answer these kids. How do I teach "thou shall not Kill" without taking away the honor of all the millions of soldiers whom have fought for and defended my freedoms? So slowly... carefully... we proceeded.

I told the children that being in the Armed Services is a job. And as long as they are following the orders in which they are given, then they are not going to go to the Bad Place, even though some people might die. That whomever CREATED the war was to blame, not the people affected by it.

The kids seemed to understand enough that killing is wrong, but they were definitely hedging on the grey areas. I guess I was, too. How can I proclaim that killing is wrong, yet selfishly enjoy all the freedoms which have been fought for so I may enjoy? I mean... how the hell (I mean BAD PLACE) do you answer a question like that????

In the end, I said some metaphors and examples of situations which *sort* of quelled their questions... but it definitely left me with questions of my own. Of course... I didn't have much time to dwell on my own thoughts in class, cause then another child asked about killing turkeys for thanksgiving, and if we eat turkey are we saying it's ok to kill animals.

I glazed over that one real quick by telling the child that some people believed that, which is why they only eat vegetables, and that's a personal choice for each of us to make.... then changed to the next commandment.

between you and me, though.... when it comes to meat... well.... sorry Tom Turkey.... but if you care to discuss my thoughts on the topic more, I'll invite you over to my house for dinner on the 24th....


carlotta fun said...

It's amazing. Some people treat children like cute little idiots when really I think they understand the world better than most adults.

Laina said...

No God doesn't think you're shooting at him...HILARIOUS!!

Lil Country said...

I think it sounds like you handled that great! I would have sat there with my jaw around my socks and wondered what I was going to tell those kids that wouldn't get me a million parent phone calls!

greekchickie said...

Wow... that's amazing questioning, gal!

You did very well ~ I'm like Karley ~ I would have been stunned into stupidity.


gina said...

yikes. those are tough questions. thank goodness we havent had that milestone yet.... only the "where do babies come from?"