Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Definition of a Clusterfuck

no... I'm not going to actually DEFINE the word clusterfuck to you... but can I TELL you that some people really need to get their shit together???

I mean... let's face it. not everyone is a good leader. As much as it's fun watching people get 'fired' or find out who just isn't "a good fit"... no one really needs the Don or Martha to tell us who sucks ass at being a leader. unfortunately... sometimes it's just painfully obvious.

now last night struck a chord with me in particular. Not sure if I told you all or not, but I've been volunteering as a second grade teacher for the religious education (CCD) program at my church. SO last night was a class night.

Turns out that a mysterious 'letter' went home to some parents but not others. Said letter mentioned how last night would be a presentation for both the children and their parents regarding appropriate 'touching' for in the home and life in general. Imagine the surprise when little Johnny's mother shows up with her other toddlers in tow, to drop little Johnny off, only to find out that they indeed were NOT free for the next hour or so, and they were to stay with Little Johnny (and subsequent screaming toddlers) for the next hour in an already crowded room. Let's just say there were A LOT of pissy parents.

Now, for some people... an hour is not a lot of time. meetings run late... traffic can stall your journey...the doctor or dentist that keeps you waiting an extra half hour past your appointment time in the waiting room even though you show up 20 minutes BEFORE your scheduled appointment like they requested.... in fact, I know for sure that a MINIMUM of an hour of each of my days is wasted on something beyond my control.

But on this one, I think I have to side with the parents. I mean... I will gladly devote all 24 hours of my day to my child if needed. but if I KNOW I have a one hour break from said child, and this is a regular and scheduled event... imagine my dismay if I get blind-sided with this when walking through a door on a monday evening. now... I know I know... sometimes accidents happen, so you, as a parent, need to be prepared at any hour.... but the point is... not all of the parents got letters saying what the plan was for the evening... and NONE of the teachers were notified.....

I suppose this is what pissed me off the most... cause as little Johnny's teacher, I am the one the parent comes running to the first time they have an issue or question. now if *THEY* don't know what's going on, and *I* don't know what's going on... and the 'organizers' of said program are nowhere to be found... well.... it just doesn't make for a good time.

Eventually, everything got worked out, but not without a number of firey tempers to be smoothed. I mean... in the grand scheme, I suppose this is really no big deal, but given the fact that this is the second instance of a 'program' that was scheduled for the parents and their children and I as their teacher did not receive any knowledge of said programs until afterwards or the day of... well, it makes for a pretty frustrated teacher.

oh well... I sent an e-mail requesting that they at least include the teachers on any communication that goes home to the parents. I mean... the directors want of copy of everything WE send home... fair is fair, right?

I still haven't heard back yet, so we'll see what happens. All I know is that there's two big 'events' coming up for my class this year... the kids will make their first Reconciliation and First Holy Communion... two pretty important Sacraments to us Catholics. If the communication continues to be as bad as it was last night throughout the year.. clusterfuck won't even be HALF the description that will be needed.


Liza said...

Oh man I'd be PISSED if that happened to me! I remember my 2nd grade ccd and getting my first communion and then learning how to be an alter server and what not. I never did alter serve because I don't like being in front of people even if its just for that, but ya...anyways.

Pistons kicked ASS last night!!

Susie said...

Yuck - I hate when shit like that happens. And from what I've seen it happens a lot with kids. Either the aprents don't get sent the letter - or some brainiacs decide to send it home with Johnny who's mom finds the letter balled up in his pants pocket as she is about to put them in the wash... best case - the day of said event.. worse case - the day AFTER.

Sorry for the mess last night! I love the use of the word "clusterfuck" when talking about any Catholic church related events.

Chief Slacker said...

Sounds a like like some of the stupid things Idiot Boss has done around here. you'll haev to stop by my blog tomorrwo adn read the review I wrote up for hiem and sent in to his boss.rjxbd

greekchickie said...

I just like the word "cluster fuck".