Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jingling Baby

I TOLD you it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Turns out playgroup was cancelled today... so me and boogie are going shopping. (I know, I know... Boogie and I... Boogie and I are going shopping....) Time to knock off that list and maybe buy a turkey so we can eat like savages next week.

Hope all is well with you, and don't forget to vote in this week's match-up.

and one final side note... today is my brother Derek's birthday..... every year on his birthday, I'm fluttered with many emotions. First and foremost... utter amazement of just how OLD he is getting... second... that he's survived this long without causing TOO much worldly harm... and finally.... HAPPY ANTICIPATION knowing thet MY birthday is only 2 weeks and a day away... hooray!

Happy birthday, big bruddah. you know I love you.....

peace out, kiddies.... time to SHOP!


Angela said...

Love the new design!

Have a great day!

Happy birthday to Derek!

Porq said...

Happy Two-AHHH

Happy Two-AHHH

Happy Two-AHHH

(Long lost family sounds!!)

I'm glad you corrected your grammatical error. I hate like hell taking two points off!!!

Oh yeah, got the tickets for JOSEPH!!!


greekchickie said...

Ohhhhh AWESOME new home!!! I love it!

And Happy Birthday to your brudder!


Wethyb said...

Cute new layout! That's the way to get into the Christmas spirit!!

Happy bday to your brother!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday to your brother Derek (elvis?)! And lovin' the festive blog.

Kari said...

Love the new look!!!
I'll have to get mine up and runnin now too....
I was wondering if you could help me with something...if you have time drop me a line at so I can email you a question...Thanks!

Happy birthday Bruddah!!

Liza said...

Happy belated birthday to your brother :)

Can you believe it? Pistons = 7-0!!! YAY!!!

greekchickie said...

Hey ~ that avitar on there doesn't have your big bazoombas


Jewl said...

Happy Birthday to your Bro!

Like the new festive look, very nice!

Elvis said...

thanks all for the birthday wishes!
Now, back to my regularly scheduled Cheerio defiling.

I'm old. Get off the lawn!

CheekyMoo said...

I like the new layout. I'm not really sure why I'm on the nice list though, I'm anticipating COAL this year. Have fun shopping! Happy Birthday Derek. I hear you're pretty old.