Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treat

well--- Happy Halloween, kiddies!

Today was a definite first for me... today was the first time in my cognitive memory that I did NOT ... repeat.... did NOT dress up for halloween.

I guess having a kid DOES change some things.

No decorations are up... except for our pumpkin that stays out all year.... it's been adorned with christmas hats, sombreros, bunny ears, and all the likes... but now--- in its true destined season.... it sits alone with no other decorations next to the TV.

it's kinda sad, actually.

another thing that's sad is the kids here in Nevada. I think the summer sun has taken its toll on the chilluns of Reno, cause today was a phenomenon I just don't get.

here it is..... halloween. day of sugar overload. a chance to go up to COMPLETE STRANGERS, and DEMAND CANDY!!!!!

now call me hard-pressed, but if Halloween were on a Sunday when *I* was a kid... I'd be hitting the streets around one in the afternoon, and not stop until at LEAST 8 or 9pm!!!

Here it is... almost 6pm, and not a ring or knock on our door yet today. WTF????

Troy claims it's cause they're waiting til dark, but the sun is down, and my big bowl awaits. Personally, if I were a parent, I'd prefer my kids were out during daylight (at least dusk). Oh wait. I AM a parent! ...well, you know--- when the monster gets old enough to comprehend the magic of candy. Or at least when she's old enough to pass for being able to EAT candy, which troy and I will actually keep for ourselves and give her some grapes and crackers instead.

but I digress.

6pm, and no kids yet. again, I say WTF?

And here's the real kicker..... we live in a development.... dude... developments were GOLDMINES!!!!

Everyone had the coveted "Green Valley" development when they were growing up. You know... where the kids who had nice toys lived.... where the houses were super close together, and had realllly scary decorations? You'd go to these houses and within minutes, you had at least 3 full-sized candy bars, a few dollars, and had the shakes from the crazy chainsaw guy who opened the door.

Maybe the kids are home waiting for another phone call from Arnold Schwarzenegger to remind them again to vote for Bush.

oh well. perhaps it's my own fault for not having decorations up this year. Maybe I should move our year-long pumpkin to a window for the kids to see. I thought about hanging a sign that says "we have good candy", but that's a little desperate.

Next year, in North Carolina, we are SO doing our house up scary. ....Shit... I may HAVE to.... how else am I going to burn off all this candy I'm going to get stuck eating?

happy haunting, kiddies.... may your pumpkins runneth over!

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