Thursday, October 14, 2004


ok--- as I've said before, I do not know how to comment on my comments. Granted--- I haven't tried posting a comment to my own blog. I swear I was gonna, but something Bill said made me think that this time I needed more than a comment.

so as you can see... my last thought was about Rhena being the favorite 'cause she's the first born.

Bill says it's cause we'll have known her longer.

I beg to differ.

Seriously--- believe me when I tell you.. first born children ARE the favorites!! Bill is not understanding this for one of three reasons.

first-- he's probably a first born, and is pissed that it's taken him this long to capitalize on the abundant offerings.

second--- he's probably NOT a first-born, and is in utter DENIAL that he is NOT his parents' favorite, and has come up with some piggly-wiggly logic to make himself feel better cause he's has a sneaking hunch all along that his parents liked his sibling just a *little* more...

finally, and most probably--- my third reason Bill just doesn't understand.. (and quite possibly you, too, dear reader---) He's not from my family.

Case in point. I invite you to step into my father's mind... just for a second. careful now... chances are, you're reading HIS blog thinking... what in HELL is that man talking about????

The point is... this man TRULY and most firmly will attend that first-born children are the favorites. he'll back it with examples of them always getting newer and bigger toys, clothes and what-have-you. Personally, I think that's because foolish young parents spend all their money on the first from their loins, then wisen up by the time a second comes along. after all... by that point, the parents are realizing that they must pay for their first child to get braces, go to college or some other costly activity. SO again... by the time the second comes around... the parents are in save-mode.

Then there's the whole "First in General" notion... the eldest child will invariably do everything (walk, talk, read, score goals, etc etc) first ANYWAY.... so the parents are all goo-goo with excitement. by the time the second kid does it a few years later.. it's like... "eh--- SEEN IT!"

Another example--- my brother. take a look at his blog. it's been OVER A MONTH since he's posted anything. but--- is anyone giving HIM shit about not posting??? yeah-- of course not....

I do not speak from bitterness.... I myself am a second-born... this is true.... but I HAVE found ways to tap into the old man's heart.. or at the very least, his wallet. you see, dear reader--- I am the first-born GIRL.... so I've got stuff my brother can't even TOUCH!

I also learned the first-born thing very early, so what did I do??? I MARRIED a first-born. somewhere, somehow.... it all works out for me.


The Life of Bill said...

Good points all of them (especially the one about Derek not posting for over a month). I am merely giving you the wisdom that my mother uses whenever someone points out that she seems to like me just a little more than my sister. I'm telling you, keep it in mind, you may need it someday!!!!

Mr. Apropos said...

Nothing wrong with being the first born. Only thing maybe better is to be the only born. But, then again, I may be biased -- but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


Mr. Apropos said...

*cough* *cough*

I belive I was seeing the future about Derek not updating his weak excuse for a blog. Can't even blame the parents for this one.

Sue said...

You make a very valid argument...but I would beg to differ. I think the last born is always the favorite...but that's just me.