Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Big Feet and Headless Chickens

My child has abnormally large feet. but this is ok, cause her legs are pretty long.... I'm hoping she'll grow into them. (the feet, that is)

SO here we are--- it's been a month since the arrival of my little monster. Life seems to be pretty good.

I'd say we're getting on a schedule, but it's more like I'm getting used to being at her beck and call. She went for her one-month appointment, and is up in weight and has grown in length. So I guess at the very least, the feeding bit is working. No news on any mental trauma I've inflicted yet, but I'm not expecting any insight on that until puberty or thereabouts. (again-- hers... not mine)

But the appointment went well. she's now 9 pounds, 3 ounces... up a pound ten since birth. my arms still look fat, though, so I'm convinced we need to go shopping more. I figure, the heavier she gets, and the more we go places, the more my arms will get a workout. At least this is what I tell the Bank of Troy. Everybody wins, you see---- Rhena and I get nicer clothes,(score one for the Johnson girls) and my body gets in shape from all the walking and baby carrying (good bodies make husbands happy!!!)

eh--- so what if it doesn't make sense. somewhere deep down I understand it, so that counts for something.

So, that's about it on the baby front. I mean, sure there's plenty--- like how she'll purposely hold a poop until a clean diaper is put on her, how she seems to enjoy kicking me when she's on my lap.... oh, and the best.... how she'll scream and scream and scream and then scream some more) when it's just me and her, but as soon as troy or someone else comes around, she's all smiles.

but enough about baby-ville.

today I want to give props to Dan. I enjoy going to his site... he usually has some good random shit to check out, (this one is my favorite so far) or at least something funny to point out. (funny meaning sad-slash-ironic-slash-pathetic, like the case of the new jersey parents) I don't know where he gets half of the crap he posts.... I suppose if I were to ever pull my head out of my ass and read the news, I would find some interesting stuff, too... but we all know I'm too wrapped up in my own little world.

well, today, I give you something to look at. I was actually looking for the website to find out more about the chicken fight commercials that Burger Stink has been running lately, but I found this little gem about a headless chicken. I think the best thing of the whole website is that they post chicken recipes. Hey, if you can't join 'em, .... EAT 'EM.


Elvis said...

Well -
with that in mind, let's have another look at what could happen if you take your mind off the chicken at hand :

be afraid. be very afraid.

Elvis said...

Well -
with that in mind, let's have another look at what could happen if you take your mind off the chicken at hand :
Herebe afraid. be very afraid.