Sunday, October 10, 2004

And now for something completely different

ok--- I admit... I was pretty proud of pooping, but it did NOT... I repeat, did NOT warrant being my only blog for over 2 weeks.


So.... on to something different.

Though--- I do have to admit, it's kind of hard to THINK of something different, as poop has invaded my life. My child has a knack for expelling the most horrible of scents and liquids from her netherlands... and no sooner do I put a clean diaper on her and she's off creating a new Andy Warhol-esque of Campbell's corn chowder.

But for you, my dear readers... I will try.

Can I buy you a drink?

oh wait--- no--- wrong scene. Uh.... Come here often?

Yeah, let's face it. I'm still figuring out how to take on this new role of parenting, AND still be interesting to people who don't sell diapers. I take back what I said about things changing. My sense of humor has slipped for sure... so desperate am I for adult conversations, I've even been laughing at my husband's attempts at jokes.

Entertainment? long gone are my days of drinking til 4am followed by 2 eggs over medium with hashbrowns, bacon, and english muffin and a side of sour cream... I now find fun in guessing how many times my chub-rock child will throw up on me.

You'd THINK by now I'd be getting the hang of the whole lullaby / singing thing... nope. Rhena's destined for a life of tone-deafness and lack of rhyming if she takes after me. I think she shuts up when I sing only because she wonders what in hell I'm talking about. Or... she could just be utterly amazed that someone can sing that bad. really bad. poor kid.

But amidst all the chaos of keeping a 3 week old happy all day, life is going on. Troy's bike got stolen.... from the Harley Dealership. it happened while we were in the hospital... he was getting some saddlebags put on, and left the bike there to be worked on. lo and behold, when he went to pick up the bike when he returned to work a week later, the bike was gone. all's well that ends well, though... or however that saying goes. Harley Dealership is covering the whole thing through their insurance, and now Troy will be getting a 2005 Fat Boy. (he had a 2004 dyna-wide glide)

In other news... Troy put in his notice at Microsoft. He's accepted a new job on the east coast... in Charlotte, North Carolina, to be exact. So--- he'll be working from home here in the shadeless state of Nevada for the next few months, and sometime in January, we'll be heading east. We're definitely going to miss the friends we've made here in Reno, but we're way too excited about being closer to family. ( not to mention a slew of other things, too... )

so that's what's been going on. I appreciate all the comments and positive e-mails everyone has been sending our way. I don't know how to reply to comments on my blog (perhaps I also make a comment? not sure...) and I'm still about 20 deep in my inbox, but again--- everyone who has sent good wishes , they are very much appreciated. I would love to post a picture of my monster, but I'm too cheap to purchase server space to put her picture up. Those Gerber babies are pretty cute... just pretend Rhena's one of them...

oh, and yes, I know the spelling of Rhena has thrown a few of you. it's pronounced REE-NUH. We threw the 'h' in there to give it a prissy effect. I figure it'll come in handy when she's making friends with OTHER snobby kids in high school. After all... she IS the firstborn, and bound to be the favorite....


Porq said...

The first Borns are always the favorite!!!

Ask your Brother!!!! Ask Uncle Roy!!!!

Ask Aunt Mary (Uncle Pat don't count!!)

BUT... I still like you!!!


The Life of Bill said...

Of course the first born is the favorite-you'll have known her longer than any future kids!