Friday, September 24, 2004

And this too, shall pass.....

Holy Mother of God.....

I FINALLY pooped.

Rhena is now a week old, as were the bowels I gratefully just flushed.

I can only imagine, after this nightmarish experience, the hell the poor women who deliver naturally go through. God bless their little souls, and may they have many bottles of softeners on hand.

other than that--- it's been a good week. Been home since late monday afternoon, and am finally getting into the swing of motherhood. Yeah, yeah-- I know. All the moms out there are like... "honey--- you ain't seen NOTHIN yet!"

I appreciate the votes of support from the more experienced reader, but hey.... you were young dumb and stupid once too, so cut me some slack. Besides.... I'm going on very little sleep here, so allow me my disillusioned feelings of confidence!

Anyways--- it's been a week. Already, I can't imagine my life without her. What in hell was I doing before I had this tiny bag of squish and bones???? I honestly can't remember. I mean... I was pooping and sleeping more often, that I DO remember.... but the rest seems a distant second place.

There's lots of things I'm still trying to figure out--- about Rhena, about my own body, about parenting in general, but I have a feeling that will go on as long as I'm breathing. It's pretty overwhelming when you realize you don't know jack-diddly, or are "still pissin' yellow", as my dad would say. In the meantime, I'm trying to focus on small victories.

Today, Rhena making it through a whole week with me and Troy as parents without us breaking her or her moving out was one. The other was pooping. well, the pooping wasn't small by any means, but a victory nonetheless.

I may just go have a cup of raspberry tea to celebrate..... I might have a bag or two left over.


David said...

Congrats! On Rhena, not the poop. Ok, the poop too. Post some pix, again, of Rhena, not the poop. Hey, yeah, the poop too, if you've still got it. Good luck, and get some sleep whenever you can. -Rabbit

Brenda said...

Congratulations Carrie - Best of luck with Rhena.
You'll be an expert in no time. Not necessarily on babies in general but definitely on your own. And once the hormones flush out you'll be almost your own self again - except for the sleep part. In the meantim you did the child birthing. Your partner can handle a little meltdown so go ahead and have one if you feel like it. You've earned it.

(friend of Dave and Marilyn's)

Anonymous said...

hey carrie! glad to hear your 'bottom system' is getting back to normal. can i say i felt your pain? and i pushed the little guy out and pushing anything out after that was a scary thought, let me tell you! :) it gets better. oh how it gets better! he smiles now. post more pics soon!