Monday, September 13, 2004

Sooner or later.... something's gotta give


here we are again.... another monday. A new week has begun, and still no monsters in the house.

Nothing feels different.... no water breakage, no bleeding, no little hand or leg hanging out of my cooch.... nada. I'm supposed to call the doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what he says. For now I've got nothin, though.

but hey... some of my TV shows are starting their new seasons this week.

I'm debating whether or not I'm going to be the reality junkie I was this past year. Seeing people get fired by Donny Trump, cat fights over mediocre looking men on the Bachelor, girls with unreasonably large boobs eating/slurping/chugging odd animal parts either in whole or recently mashed on Fear Factor.... American Idol is sure to bring a laugh during the auditions.... who wants to be a makeover? swap my wife, and give me a million dollars..... yeah.... REALITY TV. Isn't there an island I should be getting voted off of?

The ironic thing is that the FICTIONAL shows like CSI, NYPD Blue, Third Watch, and the Law and Order shows are closer to the REAL reality than any of these chopped up glimpses into set up life scenerios.

All of the "reality" shows are the same. sure, the people on them are different.... almost. The hot ones, the smart ones, the arrogant without apparent reason ones, the gay ones, the geeky but likeable ones, the antagonizers, the sluts..... oh, and the fat guy. always gotta have a fat guy. ... or person with some visible sign of normalcy that can only be seen as a hollywood defect.

I dunno... maybe if the head brainwashers at the networks labeled it as "you WISH this was Reality" TV..... I might have more respect for the shows. but the truth is I have none. yet... like an accident, I can't stop watching. I WANT the people to eat disgusting stuff on Fear Factor. I WANT the girls to fight over an ugly guy who's hooking up with 20 of their new BEST FRIENDS.... and better yet.... I WANT them to CRY when they're not the one picked for 10 minutes of airtime... I mean attention. I am addicted to other people's failures.

I don't feel bad in saying that, though, cause I know there's a LOT of other people who feel the same way. Why else would the Jerry Springer Show still be running? Jerry-boy just shows a lot more fat and toothless people, while the networks show pretty people screwing up. yeah--- I can alway turn to Jerry when I want to watch people fail AND get an ego boost at the same time.

People have told me I won't get ANY TV time once the monster finally comes out. This may very well be true. I'll certainly miss the mental vacations, but overall... I can't see missing TV as a bad thing.

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Anonymous said...

Carrie- If the monster keeps you from your TV time, just tell me what show, and I will give you updates. I am a total reality TV junkie! BTW-I can't wait to meet Sherman!