Saturday, September 11, 2004

Somebody had their baby today....

.... too bad it wasn't me.

well, here it is--- September 11th. ...... 2 days past my due date, and still no baby.

If today was today five years ago, I'd take that today to complain how the kid is still in there, how I keep getting bigger, that I'm uncomfortable, etc etc.

But... today being the REAL today, on the anniversary of a date that musters emotions from all walks of life, my state of comfort seems pretty small.

2001 saw tragedy on September 11th, and it is not easily forgotten. Friends of mine as well as strangers shuddered when I first said that my due date was 9/11.... as if to have a child on September 11th was yet another tragedy. I have to admit that for a while, even I was a bit relieved when the ultra sound technician guessitmated my due date to the 9th some 20 weeks ago.

But now--- well, I don't know how I feel. I'm very sad for all of the victims and more importantly, the survivors of the New York and DC and Pennsylvania attacks. There's no questioning that--- to lose a loved one, no matter WHAT the fashion, is extremely difficult. To lose a loved one in a targeted attack where the victim remains innocent must be even worse.

But again... I'm not quite sure how I feel. I personally don't know anyone that lost their life on September 11th... in 2001 or any other year. But the idea of being morose on the anniversary of death is not something I like to do. I ALMOST wish the baby was born today so that there would be something good associated with the 11th of September for me. ....there's still enough hours left in the day, so I suppose it's possible. ---- unlikely, but possible.

But somewhere, a baby is being born right now, and its family is celebrating life. ---- hooray for those born on September 11th... a reminder that LIFE is what it's all about... not death.

Today, I am mindful of all the unknown people whose lives ended, but I am celebrating the lives of the people I DO know--- living, deceased, and those yet to be born.


Maria said...

Amen girl! Couldn't have said it better.

Elvis said...

Kudos for wanting something good to think about when the calendar gets you down. But - as you probably know from my blog - I am an angry camper at the mention of 9/11. I'm equally as angry when someone mentions December 7th, because we weren't supposed to forget that date, either. Although, we went over the top with our final responses on August 6th and 9th in '45.
This time we don't have real targets. So - stay angry and keep your eyes open. If it takes a somber reminder on a calendar - good. I want this kid to have a safe place to live, learn and grow. Word.