Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Well, HELLO, Madhatter!

Just call me Carrie in Wonderland.

I admit it--- I've fallen prey to the legend of some old wives' tales. One of my online girls suggested that drinking raspberry leaf tea will help induce labor. Since this particular tale does not involve jumping off of chairs or ingesting frighteningly spicy food, I figured what the hell.

Let's just say that last night I celebrated the monster's very first un-birthday.

now the trouble with maternal urban legends like this tea party I've joined is that it makes no mention of how much or at what time. SO just in case raspberry works better in the daylight hours, I'm having a cup with my plate-o-Murry's. I'll probably have another cup tonight before I go to bed, too---- at the very least, it'll give me something to do every 2 hours as I get up to pee.

I'm sure this is all crap, and it started back in England one season about 9 months after some shitty weather and the onset of a good crop of raspberries.... but again, I say what the hell. I'm down to a 30 day count-down, which by all means isn't bad, but let's face it..... It's hot, the kid is getting heavy, and I want it out.

so a very happy unbirthday to you, little monster!

can someone pass the sugar?

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