Saturday, October 18, 2008

Santa Baby!

It started innocent enough. I clicked on to Amazon so I could order my coffee. Of all the coffees I've tried for our super-fab machine.. I love Emeril's the best. Mind you, I still think HE is an annoying tool... but MAN he has some good recipes. and this coffee is top notch.

anyways... turns out there are some new books out.

Giada has a new cookbook. so does Elisa.

I know, I know.. you thought I was going to talk about a REAL book.. like a story. please. it took me 6 months to get through Wicked, and I'm on month 2 of reading Son of a Witch. Sadly, I only really get to read a section or two at a time when I'm in the toilet room.. and being that I don't always get the chance to take a quiet poop every day... UPSTAIRS for that matter... it takes me a while to get through books.

(which.. side note... what IS the toilet room called? like when the toilet is in a room by itself from the rest of the stuff like the shower, sinks, tub, etc... commode? shitter? really.. no clue here!)

And has anyone read the newest in that series yet? A Lion Among Men? I'll probably be ready for it like NEXT year at the rate I'm reading. but that's ok.. cause by then either my parents or my brother will have bought and read it, and I can just borrow it from them.

so yeah yeah yeah. cookbooks. but not just ANY cookbooks!

First up.. Elisa. SO DARN CUTE!!

LOVED her original confetti cakes book. not only did it have some GORRRRRGEOUS cakes, but THE most adorable cupcakes.. and cookies!!! I love her work, I really do. now she's got a book of kids' cakes. I saw an excerpt that said she's got farm animal cookies in here. uh.. ding-dong! Danny's b-day party theme is farm stuff!!! I may not be able to wait til Christmas. or even my birthday. (I feel justified in that, though, as both occur AFTER danny's party.. and really.. me getting this book would only be for HIM. right?)

Really.. if you EVER wanted to be inspired to do more than a regular cupcake, cake or cookie.. Elisa's your girl. she has very clear-cut instructions and often templates as well. If I ever meet her in person I may just chew on her a little. like she's THAT good. I don't just go around claiming I want to eat people, you know. cute babies, yes.. but adults? am I painting the picture yet?

ok.. and my other woman crush... Giada. I do not know WHAT it is about her.. but I just LOVE HER. like even her annoying way of saying things as she smiles too wide is ok by me!!! Rachel Ray says EVOO and I want to flick her forehead. (btw.. thank you Jody.. that debate visual has been with me ever since, and I TOTALLY want to do it to every annoying person on TV now!)

But Giada?? she's got me. and I love her food! my WORD do I love her food. from her espresso brownies to the macaroni and cheese.. ooh! and she's got a roasted red pepper aioli.. SO GOOD! mmmm.. now I want grilled eggplant. ISSUES, I tell you. I have no idea how she stays so thin. maybe I really hate her? no.. I love her. like crazy stalker love. (there.. I said it. I want to stalk her.)

so I imagine it won't be long before this book makes it to my kitchen as well.

however... now I just realized it's going to be a long week for me. I noticed that amazon is out of stock of my coffee. (that's what I get when I save my linking til last in my post!) damnit.

I guess the up side is that I won't be tempted to add Giada or Elisa to my order. the down side, of course, is that I need to go find my coffee. cause I promise you.. there's a LOT of things I can handle. being without coffee is NOT one of them.

have a great weekend, gang!


Christi said...

I feel your pain, but worse. I've got an ulcer, which comes around every now and then. It makes me extremely sick to my stomach if I have caffeine, so I have to cut it off for a couple of weeks while my body gets it's act back together. NOT fun.

Good luck finding your coffee. Oh, and could you please drink some for me?

Erin said...

The thing about the Giada, Ina, Ellie Krieger and company cookbooks is that all of the recipes are already on the Food Network website. Sure it's nice to have a pretty shiny cookbook, but you know what I do -- pull the recipe up online. I rarely open any of my cookbooks. That doesn't stop me from buying them though *sigh* insanity.

Marianna said...

I have a nice collection of cookbooks that never get cracked open.

But I love Giada too. She's annoyingly cute.


Mom2Amara said...

I've never tried Emeril's coffee. Now must try since I heart coffee.

And my favorite new books are Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade ones. I am digging a lot of the recipes in them.

And I think the toilet room is called a "water closet." At least that's what my house's resident architect Dad2Amara says.

Kelli said...

We call ours the potty closet. No clue what the true name is!

Christie said...

I'm a Nigella fan myself. And that Bittman fella from the NY Times. As for Emeril, try to steer clear of his tuna casserole recipe. It was a disaster.