Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now Ear This


I think I'm getting a hang of this motherhood thing. For the first time that I'm consciously aware of... I have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong with Moosey. sure, the constant inconsolable crying is a big hint, but let's talk about one thing at a time.

The past two nights have been a rough time here at the Apollo. THANKFULLY.. Rhena has been fine. Other than the fact that it seems to be Bloody Nose season again, she has actually been a joy. so hooray for that.

Danny, however... not as good. VERY irritable, hasn't been eating as much, hasn't been napping as much, (forget about night-time sleeping either.. the last two nights he's been training for the Fidget Olympics....) all in all, he's been a pissed off little boy who wants to be held and tries to break free the minute you pick him up. Laying him down has been a bad idea, too. Honestly, I'd keep him upright in his exersaucer all damn day if I wasn't afraid he's konk his head on one of the attached toys.

Add in a boogery nose, and I'm thinking this may actually be an ear infection. I gave him some Motrin twice yesterday, and shortly thereafter he actually calmed down a little. SO!! today at 8:30, I'll be calling our pediatrician to give her the symptoms and see what to do next.

It's weird... Rhena was never sick, but this Moose of mine... he's putting me through the ringer! (ok.. so technically, this would only be the second time he's getting sick, but compared to rhena's once-in-two-and-a-half-years... this twice in less than 5 months business is ringer material.)

so all in all.. it makes me wonder. is Danny really just more prone to getting sick cause he's the second born? because rhena is secretly putting germs in his mouth when I'm not looking? Maybe am *I* becoming a better parent and am more in tune to what is healthy and non-healthy behaviors?

I mean, really... I think back to rhena's first few months... and there were a LOT of times that I just figured she was generally pissed off and I was a complete idiot as a parent cause I couldn't make her happy. Maybe she was sick back then? I don't know.

oh well. water under the bridge now, right? Only a few more minutes and I can call the doc. like I said, I'm imagining that they're going to say he has an ear infection. In which case, I imagine it's going to be another round of 'wait it out'.


Jodes said...

love to the moose and to all of you guys.

Kelli said...

Big hugs. Hope Danny feels better.

greekchickie said...

Ya know, I never had an ear infection as a child... hmm... I wonder why not..

I hope he gets to feelin' better.


Susie said...

How's the big boy today? Hope he is better!

Choppzs said...

It always seemed like my son got sicker more then my daughter too! Is that a word, sicker?? lol anyways, now my 3rd one doesn't seem to get sick at all except for a runny nose here and there. Kids are weird, all of them are a bunch of germ infested mongrals!! lol

FINY said...

I have been such a bad blog commenter lately, I feel like I haven't been around in ages. So just stopping by to say hello!

Hope the moose is feeling better today!!

Christi said...

Taryn was always sick more than TJ, and Cole has stayed sick pretty much since he was born!