Monday, April 09, 2007

1 forward, 2 back, and Easter Again

so I'm sloooooowly trying to get this blog organized. not that it could ever REALLY be organized, cause after all.. this is a reflection of my brain, and anyone who's anyone knows what a mess THAT is!!!!

anyways.. I'm trying to do that categorizing thing for all my back posts. I figure that with every new post I create, I ought to go back and at LEAST find 'homes' for 2 older posts. and eventually, I'll get my favorite links back up on the sidebar. Of course, EVENTUALLY I'll get a full night's sleep, too... but let's not be talking crazy talk, shall we??

so yeah. yesterday was Easter. we had Twinkie and her husband and son over for dinner which was really nice. I called it an East-over dinner, being that they're Jewish, and still working the Passover action til sundown tonight. Being as good a friend as I can be.. I looked up rules for keeping Kosher (no pork!!! no dairy on meats!!! no flour!!!) and came up with a dish that they could eat while troy and I gorged ourselves on ham, kielbasa and pierogies.

(did I mention that when my folks were here we made 31 dozen pierogies???? probably not, cause that was during the 'time of silence' at the Fever... anyways.. we ate some, and daaaammmnnn they are good!!!)

So it was a nice day. the kids ran around like nuts outside looking for eggs in our uncut grass. so glad when they reached down to pick up something that it actually WAS an egg, and not some southern-bred creature that lives in lawns that need mowing. I think the best part of the day was when the kids were sitting on the back porch, going through their eggs, and Rhena turns to Ross and said, "Happy Ass-over, Wahssie!" I think I got her on video saying it later. but too funny. happy ass-over.

On the subject of candy--- over the course of the day, Rhena ate entirely too much of it. actually, she ate entirely too much candy times TWELVE. cause seriously... the kid doesn't get much sweets. (artificial preservatives and a good helping of ice cream here and there maybe, but x-nay on the sugary shit)

But it being Easter.. we made an eggsception. (get it?? EGG-sception??? oh, I slay!) Granted... most of her basket was full of all things Thomas-related... but we did throw her a bone and gave up some goods. so by the time we even GOT to church... the first few pieces of PEZ had kicked in, and Rhena was to be damned if Thomas and Percy weren't coming in with us. fine fine.. you choose your battles, right???

anyways.. a jelly bean here, a pez candy there... and yes.. troy let her have chocolate. Add in the sheer delight of having company, and she was more wired than Thomas Edison.

a scream-fest ensued when she was told it was bed-time, and she insisted she couldn't go because she NEEDED more candy... pweeeeeeese???? (that was a no)

finally, after some prayers and songs and before she slipped into that sugar coma oh so deep.... she lolled her head to me and asked if we could "do easter again you think???"

yeah... we can do it again. Just maybe next year with a little less candy.


greekchickie said...

I think I need to ixnay the chocolate, too. I have BAGS of Sixlets in my house & I'm kinda getting sick of them.

WHAT AM I SAYING?! LOL yeah, that's not gonna happen. (gorging on another bag)


suser said...

Oh c/mon let the kid have a little candy for pete's sake. What's a little hyperactivity - it IS a holiday! It isn't supposed to be relaxing! We did have to put our foot down on the "nem-in-nems" around 3pm.

Choppzs said...

You have such a cute family!!! We did the same thing over here. Kids got spoiled by complete strangers, and gorged themselves till I had to slap the sugar high right out of them!!! lol FUn times!

Maria said...

I am so in Peeps hell right now. I bought one little package of them, just to have something to stuff into plastic eggs.
My dad showed up with a TON more. I had to peel the girls off of the ceiling before I could even think about putting them to bed.

Love love love the family pic...GORGEOUS!!

Wethyb said...

LOL...sounds like Baby Girl the other week! All sugared up and wouldn't go to sleep for the life of us. Gotta love candy eh?

Christi said...

Literally, the only reason my kids were so easy to get to sleep on Easter at bedtime was b/c they completely CRASHED from their sugar highs! My son actually thanked me when we stopped at a gas station on the way home and I got him some milk and peanuts to make his tummy feel better after eating all the candy he did at his grandparents' house.

We still have a ton left, so what does my husband do as we are picking up stuff at Wal-mart last night? That's right, take the kids to the candy aisle and let them pick out their very own BOXES of candy!

I feel your pain...and more!