Friday, April 06, 2007

Last Supper

yeah... so ironically.... I celebrated my own little version of a Last Supper last night.

no... I'm not about to get crucified or anything... I just mean to say that last night was my last meal of gorging on meats and cheese with a side of more. (more meat and cheese and potatoes and junk and.. and... and...)

Yes... I have to admit it... my fat ass has started Weight Watchers.


My starting weight was only 2.4 pounds above their published 'healthy' range for my height... but at 143.4.... I have to say it's about time I do something.

Now.. I WILL admit that although I wasn't hungry for them.. I DID knock back 4 chunky chips ahoy cookies (each cookie is approx 700 calories and like 30 grams of fat) AND I also took an extra spoonful of my homemade macaroni and cheese. This wasn't necessarily a 'last hurrah' kind of gorging... it was strategy, you see.

so I FIGURED if I stuffed myself to the bones and wore heavier clothing (I'm wearing cords today!) to the weigh-in... then THEORETICALLY... my very first weight in would be a devastatingly high number. SO HIGH, in fact, that it would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to NOT have good results (read big weight loss) by next week's weigh-in.

I feel like I just won immunity this week on the Biggest Loser, and I'm setting myself up for a significant loss at the NEXT weigh-in so I can be above the yellow line!!

*chirp chirp* said the crickets as Carrie realizes she's gone on such a tangent that no one even gives a shit what she's saying anymore....

anyways... I've always rationalized that I look fine, and for someone in their mid-30's, I don't need to be super skinny. after all.. I'm a MOM now!!! I'm SUPPOSED to be soft, right???

maybe not so much.

So while I'm not so bad off that I'm COMPLETELY disgusted with myself and crying while looking in mirrors (strike that... I tried on a bathing suit the other day and was pretty grossed out by my rear view) ANYWAYS.... I think I need to drop 10-20 pounds. Not so much for the idea of being the magical weight of 125... but for feeling good about myself and being happy in a size 4 or 6.... not an 8 or 10 where I am now.

so now it's time for me to put up or shut up. I'm hoping by being honest about my standing weight (and not the 30 glorious seconds a day after I wake up, pee, take a crap and am naked on a scale that I clock in at 138.4) and stop blaming the doctor's office scale for being off, or my clothes for being heavy.... or one of the many many many other reasons why I justify some number for being ok even though it makes me puke a little in my mouth to hear someone tell me that THAT particular number is my weight....

anyways.. I'm hoping to find the real Cze-Johnson under all these thighs. you know the girl.... she's the one who swore she'd never ever EVER buy 'mom jeans'... especially for herself.

wish me luck! oh, and apologies in advance if I end up being a little bitchy in the next few weeks. Apparently, in addition to having loads of fat in each cookie... those Chips Ahoy bastids also put mild sedatives in every bite!


Anonymous said...

I am also beginning a weight loss plan.
I have had some health concerns arise and I must delete some things from my diet and get up and move more.

Luckily I work in the nutrition department of the health department and have 3 nutritionists at my beck and call.


susie said...

I lost 30 lbs on WW before I had Liam - yeah I was a BIT of a porker. Anyway with the portion control and exercise it took about 5 mos. Just don't be a "Point-talker" and we'll get along just fine. "This has this many points and ohmiGod do you know how many points that is?" You told them you were nursing, right? Cause I think they give you a few extra points for the extra calories you need for that. Best wiesha dn I hope it makes you feel good about yourself again. Caues you're hot already.

gina said...

OMG i love that snl skit of MOM JEANS> roflmao!! i buy them low and wear a longish shirt so my rear end doesnt hang out.

greekchickie said...

I find all kinds of excuses for looking the way I do. Unfortunately, I can't blame it on having kids. This is who I am without no fault to anyone but myself.

As I sit here & eat another baggie of sixlets. Sigh.