Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good News, Bad News

so the GOOD news is that Danny finally had a real poop. (it had been about 5 days since his last real bowel movement, and aside from a shart ((shitting while farting)) here and there... no real pooping has happened until today.)

the BAD news is that he decided to do it today. in the car. on our way out to lunch. ALL. OVER. HIS OUTFIT.


The GOOD news is that I actually had a diaper and wet wipes in the car. (unlike the last time he shat himself in public when I had a diaper and wipes but the wipes were all dried out thus leaving me to 'spit shine' his ass and legs and back.)

The BAD news is that I did not have an extra outfit to change him into. and did I mention he shit himself so that every article of clothing he was wearing was marked with the mustard river of stink??? oh, and despite it being in the 80's all week, it's only 55 degrees today, which is a bit fucking cold for just a diaper.

the GOOD news is that the place we were having lunch at sells clothing.

the BAD news is that the smallest size they had of ANYTHING was a youth's MEDIUM t-shirt. With cartoony pigs and a race car on it.

You know.... I really ought to mind myself next time I call someone else a red-neck. Having Danny in my life is proving to show I belong in North Carolina (well.. at least the SOUTH) more and more every day.


susie said...

At least it wasn't a pink Bratz t-shirt. He looks cute in it! Nothing like the hot dog with mustard he was earlier! Kids just KNOW when the least opportune moments are. Liam STILL poops right before we leave the house when we are running late. They JUST KNOW.

greekchickie said...

HAHAHA! Now this made me laugh!

OMG he is soooo cute! Thanks for the pic!


Christi said...

You're better than me. I'd have left him in a diaper and put a napkin over him. Of course, I was born and raised here in the South, so.....