Friday, December 22, 2006

A new month

well... we did it. everyone here in Johnsonville survived Danny's first month on the outside.

I think the hormones are balancing out; I feel less and less depressed-slash-pessimistic about my personal appearance, my capabilities as a functioning human, and pretty much life in general.

The floors still aren't done, and the world hasn't stopped... go figure. Sure... I'm still cringing... but I've been thinking more about what Rhena's face will be like this year when she gets to open about a gagillion presents from Santa and family members....

As for Danny... my little moosey.... he's great. he still doesn't sleep much, and he constantly eats... but he hasn't peed or jet-rocket-pooped on me in quite a while, so he's currently on my good side.

Rhena continues to amaze me. the things that she says and does crack us up regularly, and though I still watch her like a hawk when she's around the baby... her intentions towards him are nothing but loving.

I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating Chanukah with my Twinkie last night. We all went to her house for dinner. The main course was Latkas and Brisket, and I think I gained about 5 pounds. Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Twinkie was a professional opera singer, so to hear her sing while lighting the Menorah was a truly moving experience for me. I felt very blessed to be sharing in her family's traditions.

I come from a family rich in traditions, so I'm big on learning about what other people do. Now that I'm a mom and our family is complete, I'm trying to figure out the balance of incorporating traditions that Troy and I grew up with as children into OUR children's lives... but also trying to start some new ones.

This year I took Rhena and Danny to a pottery place and had Rhena paint some ornaments. Danny was SUPREMELY pissed off when I painted his foot blue to imprint the ornament, but I think he's over it now. I think as the years go by and their ornament collection grows, it'll be a nice activity to look forward to each year. At least for now *I* look forward to doing it again, and since they can't drive yet... they'll be doing it again next year. hah!

what are YOUR traditional schticks for this time of year?


Christi said...

We've always gone to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve to open our gifts from my mom's side of the family. That's about all I can think of...I need to make some of my own, eh?

gina said...

we do fondue on christmas eve and blintzes on christmas morning. so fun with kids !!

glad to hear you are surviving... it is HARD, isnt it??

holy chaos said...

Merry Christmas, Carrie!

congrats on making it through the first month...

hugs to you... it is HARD!!!

Anonymous said...

This is quickly becoming our new tradition, as we did last year: Send the Christmas cards out a day late--on the 26th! Yours were beautiful this year! :)

Miss you, girl. Big love.

Debbie J.-B. in Norfolk

greekchickie said...

Merry Christmas, gal! I hope your holiday with your family was grand!


Back to the Shadows said...

Hi Carrie!

Remember me? the fellow engineer who was seraching for herself in Chattanooga? Congratulatons on your delivery! I am just now returning to blogging after a long hiatus. Your blog looks fantastic! You have GOT to give me some lessons. And stop being so hard on yourself...but then, I'm one to talk since I'm the same way.


Jewl said...

Stopping by to say Happy New Years!! Wishing you all the best chicky!!