Monday, December 04, 2006

Coming up for Air

well, every once in a while here at the Fever, I like to talk about stuff that's completely NOT related to babies.

today needs to be one of those days. I'd tell you why, but then I'd be talking about babies, and we're not doing that today.

SO ANYWAYS.... things have been trucking right along in these here parts. In a post-partum moment of despair, I pointed to the TV section of the Best Buy ads that comes in the Sunday paper. Needless to say, by merely showing the faintest interest in TVs, I opened a floodgate I soon would not be able to contain. In all actuality, though, I think those floodgates would have been bum-rushed even if I was in the same room as Troy and the ads at the same time. (Yes.. Troy is THAT bad.... remember the ooh-ooh-gotta-go-to-the-world-series fiasco a little while back?)

so floodgates were opened, nay I say Pandora herself was up my ass with her box of despair, and there was no going back. So Troy got his TV. oh, excuse me, WE got the TV... I forgot. It's a gift for BOTH of us. yeah. whoopity do.

so since we have this behemoth monster in our living room now, we decided it was time to get caught up on the netflix movies that have been kicking around. After three failed attempts in the hospital to watch "road to Guantanamo", we decided to just return it. I don't think troy made it past the first 5 minutes of any time it was on.

we've seen Primer, which I think I would have liked better if, you know.. I was a rocket scientist or something. oh wait. I WAS one. strike that. make it enjoyable if I had a PhD in mathmephysics or something. I mean, it was a good movie, but whoa. some of that shit was way deep.

another decent to good rating for a movie would go to I am David. It ranged from cute to heart-wrenching, and definitely made me think of how appreciative I am for the way things are here in Johnsonville.

Lastly... we wasted two hours of our lives this weekend watching Silent Hill. (not even putting a link cause I don't want to be associated in any way to that crap) I can NOT even begin to go off about how sucky this movie was. Granted, there were some cool special effects, but jeepers, batman, if they spent just a FRACTION of their special effects budget on better writers or better actors... well, I suppose it would have still sucked. yeah, it was THAT bad.

it's a shame, too. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, or perhaps my criteria is too high, but I really haven't found a good horror flick lately. I mean, there are some really good (read disturbing) movies out there that border on slightly plausible that make you think... but it seems all the horror flicks just run by a shade of hokey anymore.

Now when I was younger, I'll definitely say Freddy Krueger had me jumping once or twice. now when I watch the movie, I laugh. Have we become a society TOO reliant on good special effects? I dunno, cause it seems as if nowadays the more special effects I see, then less scary something is?

My all-time favorite scary movie is the Exorcist. Not only did it have the holy-fuckernuts shock factor, it also grapples with the possibility of being able to happen. well, for me it did, but that's just cause I go to church and Ouiji boards freak me out.

but the point is.. how OLD is that movie? surely there is a good (read scary) movie out there that's been released within the past ten years?

so get to it, gang.... leave me a comment and suggest a movie. I'm looking for scary ones, but I'll take other good movie hints as well.

peace out.. I'm off to take care of things I'm not talking about today!


greekchickie said...

By far, for me, was the Exorcist. I still get creeped out watching it. I think it's because I believe it's possible to be demonically possessed.


Elvis said...

here's a horror flick for me that isn't in the horror section of the video store:

damn - it's like, real.

screw the movies - there ain't nothing like a good book...

Christi said...

I swear I love you! Trey and I spend many a wasted hour watching horror movies to find good ones. I still love the Exorcist, but I think by far the best is Poltergeist (only the first one, though). My mom took me to see it when I was six, and it still scares me. We rather liked Saw, but not Saw II. I have a feeling Saw III will suck, too, but I heard it's supposed to be better than the second one. I asked them to please take Silent Hill off of my history or whatever at Blockbuster so no one would know we actually paid money to watch it, and then actually sat through it! The Devil's Rejects was okay, but, unlike House of 1000 Corpses, it had a lot more plot, and a lot less gore. I agree that they are getting pretty dumb w/scary movies anymore, and spending wayyyy too much time simply on effects. Oh, and I heard Apocolypto is a total gore-fest, although I don't know that it's supposed to be scary or anything...

Carrie said...

M- I hear you.. 100%

D- more like Danny's Diapers are a feature I'd soon like to forget. books are good, too. been actually thinking about taking up Dante's Inferno again. me thinks I never really read it the first time through with Carltock.

Christi- we're big Rob Zombie fans, so I know what you mean about Devil's Rejects and 1000 Corpses. We own Saw, but have yet to see the other two. Isn't Apocolypto Mel Gibson's movie? mabye that's why he was drinking so much a little while back? ;) thanks for the suggestions, though!

keep 'em coming, gang!

Porq said...

Your Grandfather's home movies were really scary!! If you want to shudder, I still have a few of his rolls of super 8 film in the basement.



Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Happy Birthday (late), congrats on your boy-pee-christening and I have no horror movies to recommend. Last one I saw was The Hills Have Eyes and it was pretty gosh darn retarded.

But, just in case there are cannibalistic, radioactive mutant people living there, I'm going to avoid driving through the wastelands of New Mexico.

Just in case.

Yeah, I'm a wuss.

Laina said...

Ghost Ship scared the crap outta me, but I'm a pansy. I don't like gore, either, so I tend toward scary ghost stories rather than slasher flicks.

bridget said...

Hey Carrie! The last movie that I can remember thinking was scary was The Ring. Other movies I've seen and liked a lot recently that come to mind are The Family Stone and Proof.

Choppzs said...

Ok, I was home visiting and my sister told me you finally had your baby! Congratulations! I will have to go back and re-read what was blogged since I missed 2 weeks worth!! Again, congrats!

Chief Slacker said...

Yeah I heard Silent Hill was horrible. I assumed it would be. Video Games based on movie usually suck, trying to go the Other direction usualy sucks even worse.

Being an Uber-geek, I'mm have to check out that Primer movie...