Tuesday, April 21, 2009

getting baked

that title ought to bring out some interesting searches, huh?

not much to report in these parts. We're finally getting back into a routine again. Rhena was off from school for TWO weeks! it was a good two weeks... we had slumber parties, we played games.. did some little 'missions' here and there... but not much else to show for it, I'm afraid. the weather was pretty crappy, so we didn't get down to the botanical gardens yet.. and the strawberries have been delayed cause north carolina had an identity crisis this winter and had some ridiculously COLD weather.

this week has been personally slated as "get my shit done' week. I have been baking, I have boxed up old clothes...

I've also been playing Mafia Wars on facebook like it's my damn job. so addicting! BAD, Carrie!

but yes. doing the baking, doing some cleaning... maybe even one of these days I'll get all my shit written and handed over to troy so the new Stepford site will be up and running. but I have been baking. I really missed that during Lent.

Not that I COULDN'T bake during Lent.. it just seemed pointless if I couldn't TASTE what I was making. so now that the restraints are off again, I'm back to business.

ok! that's that. if anything profound happens, I'll let you know. in the meantime... enjoy this video of danny thrashing ... I mean DANCING... to some tunes while we waited in carpool line for rhena a few weeks ago. Apparently over the break he's decided he only wants broadway showtunes, so this might be the first and last time for a video like this.


Laura said...

Awwww!!! He is so sweet!!! I want one.



Stacey King said...

That is AWESOME. Hope he didn't hurt himself. :-)

Christi said...

I love that! All three used to do that, now just the younger two, and I love it EVERY SINGLE TIME! Of course, I don't know that they go quite to the extreme of hurting themselves, but...I do know that I used to head bang while driving, and I've got some pretty serious neck issues now!

Choppzs said...

That's so cool, when I bake it is simple things like cc cookies or banana bread. I'm not creative enough to do what you do! lol I'll have to look you up on facebook. lol. Most of us are on that way more then blogs nowadays!