Monday, December 05, 2005

Merry Matching

ok, ok... so I've been slacking on the posting in a big way, but hey... last week was really busy!

I had a great birthday week... thanks to all who posted their wishes to me!!! I received some great stuff... starting with a necklace from Tiffany's (my girlfriend from jersey is the best, isn't she???) on Monday! Gotta love starting the week with Tiffany's! The week progressed with more cards and gifts (really cool T-shirt, a CD of christmas music, some moosemuch, flowers, and more candy) a DATE with Troy on wednesday night (saw Walk the Line... interesting flick... I enjoyed it!) and a hair cut on Thursday (got it all chopped off.... and as much as I love love love it, I think it borders on MOM-HAIR) and I can't even remember what happened on friday.

We had our Annual Christmas Social on Saturday.... it was a good time. We had 32 or 33 people here, not including Troy and myself, so it was quite festive. I may or may not have had a few glasses of wine and shots of VO..... but I definitely did not remember to take pictures. ooops!

We did take one picture of the two of us before the party started, but I'll share that later this week... after all... today is match-up day!


each monday, I wonder what is better of two things. Mind you... I know I wouldn't change my mind about something (for example... there is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL you would get me to have anything other than white non-blinking lights on my tree. PERIOD. Although that *WAS* the most popular choice, so I guess this is a bad example. But Jody mentioned fire... real live fire, and I think Carlotta had some musical lights, which both are cool in my book.... but definitely still not changing my mind with the non-blinking white christmas.)

My point is... just because I'm a stubborn ole cow and will not change my likes or dislikes... that doesn't mean I'm not curious to what other people think. so once again, on a monday... I find myself pairing up stuff for public opinion.

ok. so Monday. let me get back on track here.

For today's merry match-up.... I'm appealing to your mouths. What tantalizes your tastebuds????? this week, I present:


now given the bunch of lushes that tend to read my site, (and yet not assuming there isn't a designated driver or two out there) I'm leaving the level of 'spike' up to you. I mean... for all I know, your favorite thing to drink is Brandy.... but if you HAD to add a mixer to it, would you prefer the Cider or the Nog?

So which kicks more ass, gang??? Keep in mind there are SOOOOO many facets to be explored here.... ability to fill a person up, dietary needs, regurgitation factor, ease of preparation, availability, then of course... personal taste.

so which makes your spirits bright (figuratively OR literally???)



Porq said...


Eggnog = pukenog.

Cider can be mixed with vodka, rum, brandy, rye, ( I don't like scotch so I really don't know!!) and gin makes me puke from my formative years of debauchery.

Glad to hear you doing VO's at the party!! Stash, Vinnie, Chuck and his son are proud of you!!


carlotta fun said...

I like both but I've never had alcohol in cider so I'm going with the eggnog. Maybe it's just a Southern thing but we put bourbon or whiskey in ours. None of that brandy stuff for us! Of course we put bourbon or whiskey in just about everything...

The Life of Bill said...

Eggnog-Derek will have to back me on this one...I gots the BEST recipe for Egg Nog-6 hours to make, 12 billion calories per glass, but ohhhhhh sooooo worth it!

Susie said...

I'm not much into either. Dan loves eggnog yet it gets putrid in the fridge. I like that hard cider stuff. So I guess that's a kind of cider. so yeah Cider for ADD girl!

Angela said...

I love the nog!

Spiked or not, with a little sprinkle of nutmeg.


Christi said...

No question...EGGNOG! I live for that stuff! I've got my son nicking for it now, too!

john boy said...

The cider is nice when on a hay ride on a cold night. But, since I don't live on the farm anymore, I'll take the rich and fattening nog. I'll take it straight or spiked...depends on the company :)

Elvis said...

Billiam is speaking absolute truth on the Quinn-family recipe for the nog. Absolutely fantastic, and since having it I turn any other nog offer aside. (Although, I am quite tempted to follow Alton Brown's recently aired instruction)

In summary, Quinn Nog - yea
Other nog - nay
cider a la D-Man - yea, and find my insurance card

greekchickie said...

Oh dammit. You suck. Decisions, decisions...

Sigh. Eggnog.

Coin toss, though.


gina said...

cider!! preferably spiked! lol

Jenni said...

I have to say neither, so what was the point in me voting??? ;)

Liza said...

I hope I'm not too late but even if I am I'm voting for CIDER!!!

Liza said...

BTW Cider is REALLY good with captain!!