Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy New Year

well, it's that time of year again.... the beginning.

Yes, I realize that today is DECEMBER 1st, and not January 1st... but for me... this is a new year.

Yesterday I ushered out the old (younger) me by going on one last date with Troy. I made coffee cake. I invited a friend over for lunch, and I got my boo-hoo-hoo call from my dad.

(side note... the boo-hoo-hoo call has happened every year on the day before my birthday for as long as I can remember. My Gram Czernikowski used to call us every night before our birthday and proceed to 'fake cry' about how sad she was that we would no longer be such and such age. She really took 9 going on 10 especially hard, and had a field day with becoming a teenager. Come to think of it, 19 going on 20 was a bit over the edge, too, but by then she could have been taking meds, so who knows??? In all seriousness, though, as much as we teased her about it, it is a tradition I refuse to let go of, even though she passed away a number of years ago.)

so yeah... yesterday was complete as far as I was concerned once I got my boo-hoo-hoo call. Everything else was just gravy in my book. Or better yet; ice cream... I really don't like gravy.

SO today I welcome in my new year with resolutions and a positive spirit. Granted, I'll be welcoming a new haircut at about 12:30 today, so that in itself does wonders for the spirit!!!

But seriously... it's a good day. A fine way to start a new year. Things in my life are really fucking good right now. I have a wonderful husband and a daughter that makes my heart explode with happiness. I've been blessed with a loving and supportive family, and I have really awesome friends who have gone the distance more than once with me.

resolutions??? maybe a little less conversation, a lot more action???

No--- I'm not planning to go to vegas anytime soon... just that I'm going to really work on being more active and slow down on yapping about shit that I'm not happy about.

that's definitely my biggie resolution this year. others include curbing my profanity, being that Rhena should be talking for real soon, and I really don't want her first words to be "sonofafuckingmotherfucker!!!!!" Probably not so good.

let's see... be more thoughtful to others, be more knowledgeable regarding worldy events and local politics, procrastinate less, and continue to recognize and appreciate the abundance of goodness in my life. yeah... that should work.

So Happy New Year to me, and happy new year to you!!! I'd say more, but my boogie is awake, and I have a package that arrived yesterday to open.....


Angela said...

Happy birthday to you, my wonderful friend!

I hope this new year brings you continued happiness.

Enjoy your haircut!!

Love you!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday LOVAH! Liam sends some drooly lovins and oh wait those were for Rhena... but he blows a kiss to you. I send a big smooch as well and a slap on the ass. Ooooh how I wish 1-800-flowers branched out a little... May you worst days of the future be your best days of the past. Much love and appreciation.

greekchickie said...

Happy happy birthday, sweet Carrie!

I already baked the damn cookies...

Slave driver.


carlotta fun said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Lil Country said...

Happy birthday girl! And let me know how that whole procrastination thing goes for you. I may get on the band wagon if I know it works for someone else! Who knows, maybe I'll pay attention to my blog a bit more and I'll actually know when you are comming to Crystal Lake next time!

john boy said...

Just came by to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Thankfully I have my handy Blogger Birthday calendar to keep me up on these most important events :)
Here's to another wonderful year. Cheers!

Laura said...

Woo hoo!!! Happy birthday!!!
I say VEGAS anyway...:)

Katy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!! Have a wonderful, spectacular, fabulous day. We'll be thinking of you & sending you hugs and kisses.

Jenni said...

happy happy day to you Carrie! I hope you had a wonderful haircut and just simply enjoyed your day of birth. :-) I miss you on the boards. I really do!

Give Rhena kisses from me....

love you, jenni

CheekyMoo said...

No cursing? Does this mean I can't babysit ever? muahahahahaha I hope you have a great hapy birthday. You deserve it woman. You're a kick ass chick, with a kick ass sense of humor, and a kick ass wife and mother.

Basically you just kick ass.

I said ass a lot. Since you can't curse now I know you're soooo jealous of me. HA!

gina said...


Jena said...

Loving so much your blog design! Good stuff. Oh, and reads are a pleasure to boot! Keep it up, I'll keep reading.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope it is a fabulous year! :)

Liza said...

Happy Birthday even if I am late :) Hope it was great! And the story about your grama was so sweet, she sounds like she was a pretty cool lady :)

dnyduck said...

Ugh! I am late with my birthday wish....will you ever forgive me? Paaahhhlllleeeze? This new job of mine is keeping me just a little too busy at the momment and I completely forgot. I hope it was the best ever! My all of your dreams and wishes come true in the coming year and may God bless you with non-stop happiness!

Love ya!