Monday, December 12, 2005

Another Monday Match-up

well... here we are... another monday!!!

last week, I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest... and this week is shaping up to be more of the same. ....But onwards and backwards.... or at least that's how we roll in these parts!

I'd like to announce that this here post just so happens to be post #200 for me.... whuppidity do!!! You'd think that with my flare for bitching, I'd have more posts by now, but I guess my flare for distraction and laziness have also had a factor in this, too.

anyways... hooray for me!

on to the match-up!!!

I'm making my last-ditch effort to get these 100+ christmas cards out the door on-slash-by the 15th. This should prove to be a TEENY bit more challenging than one would think. you see... all of the PICTURES that I wanted to include in the cards are still at the photoplace, waiting to be picked up.... which I can't do until troy gets paid on the 15th. .So on the 15th, I should be a TAD bit busy cutting, stuffing and sealing 100+ envelopes so I can scurry to the post office... hoping maybe just maybe shit will get to people on time. or at least before valentine's day.

anyways... my match-up this week has to do with these little friends of mine... these Holiday Cards.

do you




and by 'stuffing', I mean... do you write the form letter that tells everyone what you've been doing with yourself for the past year, or do you just sign the damn things and send them out?

I personally can see the merits of both sides here, as well as markers of why I shouldn't do the other. But I'm curious.... what's the general thought line out there??? do you LIKE getting letters from people???

I know our dear pal Martha would be saying that only a hand-written note is acceptable in terms of etiquette, but let's face it... the bitch had some time in jail to get caught up on stuff.... and it's not like she's putting ALL that much work into the Apprentice.... so clearly she can take her hand-written shit and do something useful like make me some cookies.... I mean.... REALLY!!!! ....Mama's gonna be up late signing cards, and this week's version of PMS can only be quelled by cookies. fistfuls and fistfuls of cookies.

so which is it, gang..... Letters in the Holiday cards, or NO LETTERS?????



dnyduck said...

It's a real toss up....I hate the informalness of the form letter, but man is it nice when you have tons of work that needs to be done.

You can always do what I did last year and not send any (but just having a baby really helped in that excuse).

This year I did form letter and no personal note....just a quick "The Issertells" on each card.

But if time was not an issue, I would always do the hand written personal note.

Hope things settle down for you my dear. And please don't hate me when your card arrives late. I got the family cards out. Now I need to do my friends....and I have one in Australia. It should be going out today at the latest. That's not happening!

Miss ya! Hugs to the kido. And please remember to breath.

Angela said...

I like the form letters because I like to hear what is going on with people that I don't touch base with except once a year.

I don't do one because I don't think people would be interested in all the things that the dog was up to this year! ;-)

Good luck!

Tara said...

I say if you have time do it but if you don't ... well don't worry about it.

The holidays are stressful enough without the added pressure...

100+ cards.. that is a feat just to get them out... I can't see how you could do personalized notes... good grief..

greekchickie said...

I did that for years ~ write a form letter. And then for years I stopped. Last year I did one for the 1st time in 6 years. It's a pain in the ass.

Either way, really. For a while, I wasn't sending out cards, period.

Just too much to do during the holidays!

I say no stuff.


Porq said...

Carder Associates has been known to purchase photos...( this card isn't max'ed out yet like the one in FLORIDA )

Get yer ass goin' and git those pictures.


oh yeah,

we don't send out Christmas cards, I'd rather have a drink with you in person, even if I buy!!!

carlotta fun said...

I just pick out really nice cards and sign them. But I do usually add some personal touches. Like hand stamping the evelopes with embossing ink, or stamping then hand coloring a design or sealing them with wax and debossing with a festive motif. Yes I am a dork....

Laina said...

Sign it, lick the envelope, and mail that sucker. I don't send cards to people I don't talk to throughout the year, so they don't need a page long update about our lives. I just send them a pretty picture with a Christmas wish inside and move on.

Susie said...

Sign it and send it baby. We did the letter once but never since. I got mine out today! Hahahaha! I'm crazy!!!

Susie said...

O but like Ang I like getting letters from other people! Who gets letters anymore!?

Jenni said...

I did letters for the first time ever this year. I used to just sign the card. Last year was the first time I put pictures in there. So, now I guess it'll be letters and pictures from now on! eek. I did about 65 cards, but some only got signed w/ letters--no pics. (like my ex boyfriend's family I still mail cards to!!!)

Kari said...

No letters here. Although I'd like to recieve them, i'm just to damn lazy/busy to write any to send out....isn't that why I have this blog. They don't need no stinkin' letter when the can read about my daily going ons in my blog

greekchickie said...

BTW ~ congrats on 200!!


Elvis said...

Here I was, all set to lay down the typical "Shit in Cheerios" post, but it would seem that the majority of your following have already taken to my disposition by giving the NAY to the stuff.
Any of my friends know that if they wanted to bitch to me about letters, they would immediately be the recipients of a few choice ones, like STFU, or ESAD.
Pics of the family proper or even just the all important Godchild is plenty enough, and even too much for some.
Props to the Porq - I'd prefer the company of a beverage shared over any delivered item.

john boy said...

Um, cards?