Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle

hmmm. I think I've used this title before. seems like I make a habit of breaks from blogging.

oh well.

Things are in full swing 4th quarter here, gang. just as well. last week was emotionally tough, and the distraction is actually nice.

Tonight is my first class for CCD. apparently we have 14 kids this year. I'm with a new partner, too.. cause my partner in crime decided to do some silly shit like MOVE TO NJ to be with her husband. pshaw! what's THAT about??? I jest. I just miss her, is all.

My new partner is very nice. I do not think she has an inkling of the train wreck that I really am... but alas.. we all have to find out things in our own way.

speaking of own way.. Tomorrow the boogie-loo turns four. say WHAT??? on one hand I find it hard to believe it's been a whole four years.. but being perfectly honest, it surprises me that Rhena has only BEEN IN MY LIFE for four years. but that's another post.

but anyways. 4th quarter is here, and all the craziness that comes with it. Have coffee... will handle.

catch you soon, gang.


Jenni said...

ok, note to self....if I start the thread tomorrow, I will NOT forget it's Rhena's bday. :-)

Marianna said...

Wow, 4 already?! My gosh, time is flying by! Happy Birthday, Rhena!


padrino1818 said...

Sending happy birthday wishes to the Big Girl--Happy 4th Rhena!

and thanks for the "shout out" Carrie. I miss you too! I hope you have a great year at CCD with your new P.I.C. Keep me posted. I went to sign up Emma for CCD here and can you believe it costs $90!!!lame. May be homeschooling in religion. (that could backfire.)

Anonymous said...

Loving on you Johnsons from far away! Happy birthday to our favorite Rhena EVER! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Love, thoughts, prayers go out to you. I took a break from reading the blog the last month as I haven't been online much. I just got caught up and know that I am thinking of you and those close to you. Know that you bring much greater light to all of us than you are aware. Big hugs and kisses. From Denver...

carrie said...

Hope your little boogie-loo has a great birthday!

I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. ((((hugs)))