Friday, August 03, 2007

Day Three - Rising Again

For once, I am not talking about Danny's inability to sleep through the night. (though, as 'luck' would have it.. he was up every hour on the hour last night.... gotta love that right before a big road trip!)

but I digress.

As a Catholic, one phrase that you always hear is "On the third day, He rose again..."

as I was getting my coffee ready today, I started thinking about what I would blog about. Third day, third day... I thought. instinctively, my mind kept finishing with "He rose again". must be the CCD teacher in me?

either way... the phrase "He rose again" got me thinking.

As a Catholic, I believe that we all rise again.. or at least our souls do... to some form of eternal glory or damnation. (or stagnation, cause I do believe in the idea of purgatory)

And while I know that this premise of an afterlife is not an idea shared by everyone, I can't help but think that it does provide some form of hope for women suffering from, or the loved ones of women suffering from Breast Cancer.

cause given the shit they go through... there's GOTTA be something better.

BUT... this isn't CCD class, so I'm not going to go into religious theories.

so to keep with the idea of rising again.... as of this morning, the donations keep coming in... and I'm SO PROUD to say that we're 43% towards our goal. FORTY THREE PERCENT!!! after TWO DAYS!!!!! This is truly phenomenal... plain and simple.

I'll be offline for a day or two; we're driving up to Illinois to see Troy's folks for a week.

While I'm gone... please take a look at the TRIBUTE BOOK on the Avon website.

if I ever had any doubt of spirits rising, seeing the memorial after memorial assures me that those souls are VERY much alive in the hearts and minds of those left behind.


for more information about the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, or to make a donation, please click here:


susie said...

Keep rising! I am liking these sort of inspirational posts...the dog days of babies and crap and boogers get monotonous and the messages of hope give me something else to think about.

Thanks Mama! Walk tall!

Wethyb said...

That's great!! Isn't it such a grea feeling knowing you're working for such a great cause?! And I grew up Catholic too, so I can totally relate to the "he rose again" thing :)

Jodes said...

43%! you go! i'm so happy for you! what a great testament to you that you can get so many people on board so quickly! love you.

The Life of Bill said...

I'll be thinking of you-I'm doing the 3 day 20 miles per day walk to fight breast cancer in October.

Talk to you later,