Thursday, June 24, 2004

There's a First for Everything

SO there I was--- readin the old man's blog (since my darling dear older brother hasn't written anything in a while) anyways--- I was thinking---

I can do this.

so, sure as skippy, here I am. And I actually have a lot to say.

no--- nothing really important like politics or deep thoughts on religion (well, maybe some religion) but I'm too ignorant in current events to talk politics. Not saying I don't have the CAPACITY to sit and choke on page after page of things that are listed in the news and papers.... I just don't WANT to.

But I do have a lot to say. My main source of material will probably be my body---- did I mention I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and there's some weird shit going on inside of here? Yeah. so that stuff, too.

Right now I'm torn between playing with this new blog toy of mine, or getting ready to go strap on a feedbag of kettle corn. True to Czernikowski form--- food wins out. Blog can wait.

welcome to my world. try to hang on.

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