Thursday, February 12, 2009

I believe in Angels

so some random thoughts have gone through my brain this past week.

first off... I took Rhena and two of her friends to see the Charlotte Symphony's production of Cinderella this past weekend. that act alone brought up MANY thoughts.... one of which I am so happy to be done with two children. seriously.

fitting 3 car seats/boosters in the back of my car awakened the engineer in me, and being in a parking garage woke the acoustics specialists in Rhena and her two friends. holy good CRAP I had no idea three girls could be so loud. I mean.. WOW.

I learned that not all Cinderellas are created equal. period. and while I may have understood this notion starting several years ago when I would see different kids around the neighborhood dressed UP as Cinderella... (let's face it.. some girls need more than a fairy godmother to pull off the old Cinderelly getup) seeing my daughter see a production of the story done by a handful of actors and several puppets... well.. it's obvious that Cinderella can be different.

But this is good. I like knowing my child can be happy without a disney label slapped all over the place. the essence of the story clearly came through, and I did see the far-off-I-love-this-story-and-I-just-KNOW-some-day-my-dreams-will-come-true look in Rhena's eyes. That's magic. LOVE that magic.

What else. we met an usher named Rena. how cool is that? the woman was about equally gobsmacked when she heard me call to Rhena.... so much that she stopped me to ask if I just called her what she thought I called her. I would have loved to chat with her more.. but me and three girls ages 4-6 does not permit for much idle chat.

Oh.. here's one for you. the 6 year old of the group.. my neighbor's daughter??? she knows ABBA lyrics better than I do. and 'm not talking just that dumb assed Dancing Queen cause her momma forces her to listen to 80's crap music. I mean... there she was.... telling me to put on track 16 and 18 and specifically requesting "I had a Dream." I was impressed. like REALLY impressed. she'll get invited again, no doubt about that.

I'm taking the kids to the dentist today. Moosey's first visit. stress stress stress... I'm sure he'll do fine. we'll see.

I've been baking this week. like a LOT. I like baking.

alright. time to get my motor running. lots to do!


Suser said...

So glad you all had fun at the show. I was wondering about the carseats thing. Sounds like you got it shaking and moving down south. Work it, sista!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the "so grateful for the two..." sentiment. Seriously, I think it's a much bigger stretch for anyone to go from 2-3 than from 1-2. Granted, 1-2 was a kick in the butt for me...but no way could I (with current physical, mental, vehicular, and other limitations) handle 3. God bless those parents of 3 kids out there...Deb

Christi said...

I sometimes wonder what led me to think I wanted three. What scares me even more are the days that I think, "Well, maybe just a couple more...I mean, look at the Duggars..." So glad you survived!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love baking. The smells and the tastes are just wonderful. It's always nice too when you're craving chocolate but don't have any so you can just make some brownies. :)

What have you been baking?

I think perhaps I need to make some brownies today. :)

Choppzs said...

3 carseats in 1 backseat is way to squishy!! lol

novaks8 said...

sounds like a lot of fun!!!

How are you momma?

Ive been super busy but trying to get my head back in the game!