Tuesday, November 13, 2007


things are good. just busy.

mom and dad come back from italy at the end of the week, then will pretty much wash their asses and turn around to come down here to visit. then it's rhena's thanksgiving party at school, danny's first birthday, thanksgiving, troy's christmas party, my birthday, the christmas social and troy's birthday. all of this and more, happening at the Apollo all before December 10th.

then we head to jersey.

Gloria Gaynor, be my mentor, and St. Jude PLEASE help me find my home-made disco mix to get my ass up and through new year's.


Choppzs said...

goodness, you need a break just thinking about all that! lol

Taylor said...

can you believe our boys are already ONE? Time flies!

Sorry I haven't been by...you know how it is being a mommy to two, ever busy! I still check in weekly though :)

Hope all is well!

Wethyb said...

Wow! 1 year already??!! Craziness!! Hope you're doing well chicky!

Bill Hall said...

Yo Cze-J, check yer myspace once in awhile...


Billy boy

Chief Slacker said...

Lotsa Happy B-days all around!

And I only have your dance mix i think, not the disco mix! Boo!

john boy said...

It's December 1. Happy Birthday!!

Best wishes, John and Catherine

Marianna said...

Happy belated bday!