Friday, May 25, 2007


so... today is friday, which is my weigh-in day at weight watchers. I'm at 129.8 pounds, which is down 13.4 pounds since I started. not bad!! I've really eased off my obsessive point-counting (even had a few slices of a pan pizza from pizza hut last night!!!)

however... I feel like a lost soul in community college when it comes to WW... they're on me to declare a goal. I know I should, and you're 3x as likely to MEET a goal if it has been declared... but I don't want to just yet. I'm THINKING maybe 124 pounds.. or 123.2, which would be down 20 pounds total since I started... but part of me is worried I'll never get there, then I'll feel like a failure.

I dunno. my immediate goal is to have lost 14 pounds, which is what THEY said to do. I guess they start you at aiming to lose 10% of your weight. so... .6 pounds to go.

I probably would have made it this morning if I was able to take a crap before the weigh-in, but alas... pizza hut got the better of me, and I was all stopped up. BUT.. back to my 'progress' theme... I did just drop some logs, so it is very possible I'm at my goal right now. hah!! I suppose it's also very possible that you don't care to read about my shitting habits, but whaddaya expect?? SOMEONE'S always doing SOMETHING here at the apollo!!!

speaking of someone... the MOOSE has begun to eat food. and sleep in his crib. !!!! He's still getting up from hunger in the middle of the night, but we're working on the solid food stuff, and he's screaming less and less when placed in his crib. (ok.. I'm just getting better about waiting till he's damn near passed out from milk-overload before PUTTING him in the crib... but still.... less screaming. progress!!!)

at any rate... I'm feeling better about things. or at least more hopeful. still frigging tired... but definitely more hopeful.

and you know... lighter. Did I mention I'm down over 13 pounds??? booooyah!


susie said...

Way to go Mama! I knew you were a skinny bitch. Living on air and coffee will do that. Moosey sounds like he's doing great! Have a great weekend! MWAH!!

greekchickie said...

My gosh, that's wonderful! Congratulations!

I'm going to live vicariously thru you & pretend I've lost weight... LOL. Instead, I sit here eating Taco Hell.